Bicycle Helmets

KUJI is leading the Urban bicycle market making 20% of helmets worldwide , being a strong partner to the leading helmet brands, proposing new design and new technologies.

Producing more than 50% of the quantity with inmold technology, we are a top manufacturer of technical bicycle helmets. Our range of open molds is updated annually to anticipate new design trends which adds to our catalogue of best selling designs developed over the last 20 years.


Winter Helmets

KUJI is the clear leading manufacturer of winter helmets with a market share of 25% of the quantity sold in the world.

We are a strong partner of major winter sport companies, proposing advanced technologies such as Visor lens + Bluetooth communication. Our range of winter open molds is certainly the most complete and advanced of the market with great fit and progressive design.


Equestrian Helmets

KUJI has leveraged all our knowledge in sport helmets (mainly fit and style), to develop a new range of outstanding horse riding helmets.

We cover all levels of price from kids to advance hybrid adult helmets.


Climbing Helmets

With our long experience in developing ski helmets it was an easy step to develop a new range of outstanding climbing helmets.
Our cool EPP technology allow us to make new super light high end climbing helmets.


Industrial Helmets

In 2019, Kuji decided to extend our portfolio and create an industrial helmet division. Thanks to our 25 years of experience in the sports helmet industry, we have set a new level in safety helmets managing look, fit and safety.
Our new safety helmets are certified to both EN397 and EN12492 as well as passing ANSI and NZ norms.