About kuji



As a producer of safety, optical and children’s products there is zero space for compromise in our quality systems. Kuji Sports is built around a philosophy of total safety for our customers which flows through to our company goals, targets, products and processes.
We provide a total quality solution for our customers in terms of supplier management, incoming quality control, reliability testing, functional testing, traceability and final product quality control to serve as a guarantee for your products quality and safety. 

Which is why after 30 years of production we have the best safety record in the business.

Compliance & Certifications

Kuji Sports is built around the critical core concepts of safety, quality and employee welfare. We proudly offer our team best in class working conditions and compensation as we focus on automation and efficiency to enhance our productivity. We conduct regular audits with internationally certified bodies to demonstrate our care for our employees and that our products are in compliance with every market demands in relation to safety, quality and CSR requirements.